Our talented baristas are passionate about coffee and through a range of brewing methods, from v60 and Aeropress to espresso on our beautiful La Marzocco Strada machine, we brew every cup with the same thing in mind: make it awesome.

Our coffee beans are sourced at origin and roasted in small batches close by in Shoreditch, by the fantastic people at Ozone Coffee Roasters. Ozone are surpassed by none in their commitment to coffee excellence.

We have a rotating schedule of guest roasters on our brew bar allowing customers to taste different coffees from roasteries throughout the UK and Europe.

We only use organic milk and for those that require a dairy alternative we serve oat milk and premium Bonsoy soya milk.


Just like our coffee we take pride in bringing you the very best single origin tea from London based brewers and traders Good & Proper Tea. We serve a range of different styles from the humble builder's cuppa to the finest greens, oolongs and white teas, not forgetting our premium spiced chai, hot chocolate and selection of herbal infusions.