To create quality food requires the very best ingredients. We work with suppliers who we trust and who have the same values as we do when it comes to food. It goes hand in hand that these kind of people are pretty decent sorts to deal with too, which we reckon is just as important. 

Balthazar Bakery

Serving NYC since 1997, Balthazar Restaurant, Boulangerie and Bakery arrived in London in February 2013. Producing the most exquisite artisan breads using a natural leven, which slows the rate of fermentation to enhance flavours and aromas. You’ll find Balthazar’s famous Pain Segle sourdough, mouthwatering focaccias and ridiculously moreish brioche buns featured on our daily changing menu of sandwiches.

Little Bread Pedlar

We believe there is no point in eating a croissant unless it’s the very best available and we can’t go past a LBP croissant. Or their almond croissant. Or their pain au chocolat…These guys are absolute geniuses when it comes to pastry, one bite and you’ll see for yourself. We also like that they get delivered to our door every morning by a friendly person on a bike. 

Charcuterie Board

The guys at the Charcuterie Board are the best in the business and they only work with farms that can meet their incredibly exacting standards for top quality charcuterie and animal welfare.  We love that we don’t have to look abroad to get the very best salamis and cured meats.

H G Walter

H G Walter have built their reputation on supplying Londoners with the finest quality meat sourced from small, specialist producers and farmers who raise free range and organically-fed animals in the traditional way. They know their stuff that's why they've been voted Great Britain's best small butcher shop and best butcher in London and the Southeast.

England Preserves

If toast is your breakfast of choice then you will appreciate how important top-notch preserves are. We serve an array of England Preserves jams and marmalade, because quite simply, they taste of fruit, real English countryside fruit. Yum. 

Breckland Orchard

Clare makes her ‘Posh Pop’ down on the orchard bursting with flavour, lightly sparkling from natural spring water and no nasty artificial colours, flavours or sweetners.

Karma Cola

This the the ‘real deal’ cola from the folks at All Good Organics, made from the cola nut sourced directly from farmers of Boma Village in Sierre Leone. A percentage of every sale going straight back to the Boma people so you get to drink superb tasting cola and feel pretty chuffed with yourself at the same time. 

Chegworth Valley

Chegworth Valley organic farm produces award winning pressed apple juice with no added sugar. Just the taste of apples with the right amount of sharp and sweet.